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Meet the Trainer

A lifelong equestrian, Allyssa has worked with a variety of breeds and training levels, including mustangs, quarter horses, arabians, gypsy vanners, rescue horses, and more. She specializes in working with young horses, from the first touch, establishing a solid foundation of groundwork that leads to a quiet first ride. She values patience and consistency when training, ensuring that each horse is comfortable at their current level before advancing to the next step. This approach helps to ensure that training progresses smoothly, without creating fear-based overreactions and negative situations.


In 2019, Allyssa competed in the Midwest Horse Fair TIP Challenge and made the top ten, performing in front of a sold-out coliseum, where she placed second in the freestyle class and third overall out of fifty competitors. She also placed fourth overall and received the Young Gun Award in the Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover out of eighty trainers who picked up, and trained 


Allyssa Rennebu, 22, is the head trainer at AR Horsemanship. She trains horses full-time, and is a nine-time Extreme Mustang Makeover Top 10 Finalist. She has competed with her personal horses in a variety of events, including English, Western, Saddle Seat, and the Kettle Moraine Rough Riders Equestrian Drill Team.

an untouched mustang to compete under saddle in 100 days. In 2018, 

she was the Reserve Champion of the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainer's Challenge in the Youth division. 

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