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First Touch Demo

Have you ever wondered what the beginning stages of training a wild mustang are like? Are you interested in watching the first session of the gentling process? 

As we pick up new mustangs, AR Horsemanship invites you to come and join us in the beginning stages of earning a mustang's trust. Watch us work a never before touched wild mustang to get the first touch and begin the initial training process. 

Following the demonstration, we will hold a Q&A session to allow you to ask any questions you have about the adoption process, the gentling process, or any other general questions about mustangs. 

Allyssa will do a demonstration of her previous mustangs between first touch sessions to showcase the progress and trainability of the American mustang. 

Bring your own lunch and chair. Pricing is $10 a person. Ages five and under are free. 

Demos will be limited depending on the arrival of new mustangs. Please keep an eye out on AR Horsemanship's social media pages for upcoming demos or meet the mustang events.

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