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Extreme Mustang Makeover Horses

These mustangs were trained and adopted for Extreme Mustang Makeover events and TIP Challenges. Some have found a forever home with AR Horsemanship, and others have been adopted out to other homes. 


Raven About the Brand

The mustang that started it all, Raven was Allyssa's randomly assigned horse for the 2014 Tennessee Youth and Yearlings TIP Challenge. The two placed eighth overall in the competition, and Raven has a forever home with AR Horsemanship. Raven has competed successfully in almost every discipline: hunter hack, hunt seat, saddle seat, western, ranch riding, discipline rail, barrels, poles, drill team, showmanship, trail, and has done performances. 

Fun Fact: Raven plays a critical role in helping Allyssa gentle and start new mustangs.


God's Promise

Promise was Allyssa's 2015 Missouri Extreme Mustang Makeover Youth Division draw. Promise was rounded up from Divide Basin, Wyoming. The pair competed in Saint Louis, earning fourth overall out of fourteen youth. Following the competition, Promise was adopted out to a new home that planned to use her for driving. 

Fun fact: Allyssa taught Promise how to back into a step up trailer. 


Tomorrow's Dream

Allyssa competed with Dreamer in the 2016 Missouri Youth and Yearling Competition in Sedalia. Dreamer was rounded up from Divide Basin, Wyoming. They placed fifth overall in the competition out of twenty-five. Following the competition, Dreamer was adopted out to her forever home as a kid's horse. 

Fun Fact: Dreamer was the first horse that Allyssa taught to roll over onto her back while laying down.


Hollywood's Hot Gossip

Holly was rounded up from Goshute, Nevada and was Allyssa's 2017 Kentucky Youth TIP Challenge draw. Out of forty competitors, the pair won the handling and conditioning class, and placed fifth overall. Following the competition, she continued training with AR Horsemanship, before being adopted out to a local trainer to make room for future mustangs.

Fun Fact: Holly excelled at trick training, and enjoyed performing. 


Not Done Yet

Brady was born in the Palomino Valley BLM facility. He was Allyssa's fifth and final youth mustang. The pair placed tenth overall out of fifty youth. Following the competition, Brady found a forever home with a trainer to become a future lesson horse. 

Fun Fact: Brady's name was inspired by Allyssa's favorite football team. 


Legend of Freedom

Legend of Freedom, barn name Sebastian, was Allyssa's first competition horse that was not randomly assigned. He was rounded up from Triple B, Nevada. He competed in the 2019 Midwest Horse Fair TIP Challenge, where he placed third overall out of fifty-five competitors. This competition was different from the others in that youth and adults competed directly against each other in an all in-hand competition. The top ten finalists competed Saturday night in a sold-out 9,000-seat capacity coliseum. After the competition, Sebastian found his forever home with Allyssa's sister. 

Fun fact: Sebastian was named after the Carolina Hurricanes hockey player Sebastian Aho, her sister's favorite player. 


Stairway to Seven

Jules was rounded up from Maverick-Medicine, Nevada, and was Allyssa's first adult under saddle competition horse. Jules is Allyssa's seventh competition horse. The two competed in the 2019 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover event, earning fourth overall out of seventy-four competitors, and the Young Gun Award. Following the competition, Allyssa adopted Jules via the auction to further her training and for use as a future lesson horse. 

Fun Fact: Jules' name comes from New England Patriots player and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. Her show name is inspired by the Patriots push for seven Super Bowl wins.



Kiara was in training with AR Horsemanship to compete in the 2019 Georgia TIP Challenge. Kiara is a four-year old mare from Adobe Town, Wyoming. This mare is highly intelligent, and mastered the basic groundwork as well as she was started under-saddle prior to the competition. The two earned tenth overall in the competition, and third in the young gun. Kiara found a fantastic home with the same adopter of Allyssa's 2018 KY gelding.

Fun Fact: Kiara, who was picked up with Kovu, is named after the characters from the Lion King II. 



Kovu, like Kiara, was trained for the 2019 Georgia TIP Challenge. He is a four-year old gelding from Green Mountain, Wyoming. Kovu is highly sensitive, but is super sweet and loves attention. He is progressing well and has learned all of the basic groundwork, but is working on desensitizing and confidence building. Kovu and Allyssa ended up in fifth overall in the competition, and second in the young gun division.

Fun Fact:  Kovu has been Allyssa's most challenging mustang to date.


Touch of Faith

Touch of Faith, barn name Brielle/ Brie, is Allyssa's tenth competition mustang. Brie is a five-year old from Maverick-Medicine, Nevada. The two competed in the 2020 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth Texas earning 36th overall out of 50 trainers, and fifth in the young gun. Brie was Allyssa's hardest mustang to let go after the competition as she was a very nervous and required an experienced home. She found a great home where she stayed in Texas.

Fun fact: Brie was the fifth competition mustang Allyssa has picked up in 2019. 


Something to Remember

Kona is a 6 year old mare from Beatty's Bute, Oregon. She is Allyssa's eleventh mustang competition horse and will be competing at the 2020 Ohio Equine Affaire. To start, she has been Allyssa's most aggressive mare but she has since turned a page and is becoming a phenomenal little mare.

Fun fact: Kona will be Allyssa's last competition mustang for the year.



Harley is a 3 year old from Destoya, Nevada. Allyssa will be competing with her at the 2021 Equine Affaire in Ohio. More information to be added.

Fun fact: Harley is the first mustang from Desatoya that Allyssa has gentled.


Kiss Me You Fool

Harry was a 2 year old gelding from Frisco, Utah. He was the first mustang from a Utah HMA that Allyssa trained for a mustang competition. Allyssa competed with Harry in the 2021 Tennesse TIP Challenge. The two ended grand champion of the competition. 

Fun fact: Harry was the first mustang for a One Direction theme that Allyssa did with her younger sister, Katelyn.


How You Doin'

Joey is a 5 year old gelding from Shawave Mountain, Nevada.  Allyssa picked Joey up for the 2021 Oklahoma Extreme Mustang Makeover. Joey was the hardest mustang to get started undersaddle in the 100 day time frame as he was very scared of the saddle in the start. Once Joey was going undersaddle, it was clear that he needed more time in training before he would be ready to safely head to a new home from the competition so the two did not compete.

Fun fact: Joey got his name from one of Allyssa's favorite tv shows "Friends".


You Sing

Niall was a 4 year old mare from Antelope Valley Nevada that Allyssa picked up for the 2021 Georgia TIP Challenge. Niall had a very goofy and fun personality that made her a ton of fun to train. She loved learning tricks and enjoyed obstacles. Allyssa and Niall were the champions of the Georgia adult division.

Fun fact: Niall was the second horse for the One Direction theme, and since there were no geldings available to choose from, Allyssa had to pick a mare. 


Tequila, Tequila Here We Go

Liam was a two year old gelding from Desatoya, Nevada. He was Allyssa's fifth and final competition mustang for 2021. Liam was a super chill and willing gelding. He did an amazing job at the competition and ended reserve champion overall. 

Fun fact: Liam was the third and final horse that Allyssa picked up for the One Direction theme. Her sister Katelyn competed in two competitions and had Louis and Zayn. 



Kai was a four year old gelding from Diamond Hills South, Nevada. He was Allyssa's draw for the 2022 Ocala Extreme Mustang Makeover. This was Allyssa's first time working with a horse from this HMA. Kai was a harder horse to get under saddle, but the two did still make it to the competition where they placed 9th overall. 

Fun fact: Kai loved tricks and liberty work! He was the first adult makeover horse that Allyssa taught to lay down and sit up on cue.



Rae was a 5 year old mare from Eagle, Nevada. Allyssa picked her for the 2022 Virtual Extreme Mustang Makeover. Rae was a very sweet mare but took a lot longer than some to open to people. She had a lot of stranger danger. It took almost 3 months before she had her first ride. So, Rae only had about 13 rides when the two filmed their classes for the virtual makeover. The two placed 6th overall.

Fun fact: Rae unfortunately did not get any bids in the auction after the competition, but found a wonderful home privately that plans to use her for endurance!

Real Me

RM was a 6 year old mare from Pancake, Nevada. She was Allyssa's draw for the 2023 Mustang Magic trainers competition. RM was one of Allyssa's easiest mustangs to gentle as she loved people from the start, but she was easily distracted under saddle. She was a very athletic and talented mare that came a long way in such a short amount of time. The two placed 15th overall in a tough competition.

Fun fact: RM is the first horse for a BTS theme. Since there were no geldings able to be selected for this competition, Allyssa had to pick a mare.

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